Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sharing a TenSpot with...Monica Escalante (Olympia Edition)

As you all know, the Olympia is this weekend! The best in men's bodybuilding, women's bodybuilding, fitness, figure, and bikini will step on stage to decide who is truly the best of the best. One of those ladies will be Monica Escalante. Making her Figure Olympia debut, she's had quite a ride in the IFBB this year, debuting at the Phoenix Pro, competing in her first Figure International and sharing the stage with her idol Monica Brant in what was probably her last IFBB competition (Brant is now a WBFF Pro, for those that don't know) and placed in the top six at the Europa Show of Champions and Europa Super Show (the show that got her to the Olympia). Monica was very gracious enough to take some time mere days from the Olympia to do this interview with us.

Monica qualified for the Olympia at the 2010 Europa Super Show in Dallas
Photo credit: Muscular Development

FitGems Nation: Thank you very much for taking this time out of your Olympia prep to do this interview! Monica Mark-Escalante: You are welcome.

FitGems Nation: In a few days, you will be competing in your very first Olympia ! How does it feel to step on the stage that many competitors strive to be a part of, but only a few get that opportunity to do so?
Monica: It feels incredible. I only dreamed of one day stepping on the Olympia stage a little less than 10 years ago, and now my dream has become a reality. I feel privileged and honored to compete at the Olympia alongside the best women in the world.

FitGems Nation: This year was your first year to compete as a pro. What competition was your favorite to compete in this year (not including the upcoming Olympia )?
Monica: I would have to say the Arnold . The show was an amazing experience. Truly, however, all of the shows have been a great experience because of the camaraderie amongst the pros.

FitGems Nation: When you found out that you were heading to the Olympia , if you can recall, what was the first thing that popped into your head?
Monica:I truly don’t remember…that’s how shocked I was.

FitGems Nation: You are one of the most muscular figure competitors, but regardless of muscle, it seems to flow well with you. How do you maintain your muscularity yet keep it to IFBB standards?
Monica: Over the last year, I have actually been working to lose a little bit of muscle. I have adapted my training so as not to add (or even keep) all of my muscle.

FitGems Nation:I think many people loved your look at both Europas you competed in (Battle of Champions in Hartford and Super Show in Dallas ). Which look do you plan to bring to your first-ever Olympia ?
Monica: My goal is to bring in a slightly less muscular package than I had at those 2 shows. I hope to bring in similar conditioning as I had in both shows, but a little less muscle mass.

FitGems Nation: Has anything changed in prep between your last competition and the O?
Monica:Not really. Since the Europa in Connecticut , my goal has been to become a little less muscular and maintain conditioning.

FitGems Nation: Where would you love to place in your first Olympia , and what would you be content with?
Monica:Well of course my goal is to one day win, but I would be content with a top 6 finish my first time out. I know it’s difficult because the women at this level are all amazing.

FitGems Nation: If you could have the Olympia anywhere else BESIDES Las Vegas , where would it be at?
Monica:I grew up in San Diego and my family all lives there, so that would be ideal. But who can go wrong with Vegas? Vegas is great.

FitGems Nation: Any final words for your fans and supporters out there before the Olympia?
Monica: Much thanks for your support. I have been working hard to finish up my website, which should be up and running in the next few weeks. The cover page is up, but more is coming soon. My website is

How will Monica fare in her first Olympia competition?
Once again, Monica, thank you for taking the time out of your Olympia prep to do this interview with us! We at FitGems Nation wish you the best of luck this weekend at the Olympia!! :)

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