Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Aksana is Now TV Bound!!

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Tonight on the season two finale of WWE NXT, World Wrestling Entertainment announced that there will be a third season of NXT, but this will be an all-Diva season (minus two male Pros). And it's with great pleasure that I announce that one of those Rookie Divas is former Figure International Champion Zivile Raudoniene, aka Aksana!!

Yep, the former IFBB figure star will be a Rookie Diva, looking to become WWE's next Breakout Diva. Her pro will be the Bizzaro One...Goldust. that going to be a trip, or what?!?! :)

Aksana will be joining another FitGems Nation favorite, Jamie Keyes, along with Maxine, AJ Lee, Naomi Night, and Aloisia (who's heads and shoulders above all the other Divas 6 foot 9!!!) to form the first ladies-only Rookie group for NXT. One of these ladies will go on to win NXT and will (I believe) earn the right to take on the Women's Champion at the PPV of their choosing. The buzz is crazy right now, and I have no doubt in my mind that all six ladies will be on Raw or Smackdown once this is over. How far will Aksana go in this competiton could possibly be up to you. After next week, I'll let you all know how the voting process will be.

You can catch Aksana, as well as the other Rookie Divas, on WWE NXT beginning next Tuesday at 10PM Eastern/9PM Central on SyFy.

Best of luck to you, Aksana!!! :)

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