Wednesday, September 22, 2010

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Well it is that time of the year. The biggest time in the industry. Olympia is upon us. A gathering of the elite in Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, and Bikini. So that made it clear to me, this is what I should write about.

I am not going to the Olympia, but will be living there next year so can go every year. Sure I would like to go. I could see Danny J (my trainer) as she is working the EST booth. And I could meet, see, and hang out with many of the friends I have made in the Fitness Industry. But what I would really like to see is Zoa Linsey on stage. On my own fan page I have made it Zoa Linsey week. A couple have said I should not show favoritism. Maybe that's true, but really I do not care, it is my page after all. I am not doing this to downplay any other competitor, I do it to support Zoa. Zoa is someone I really admire and look up to. For me personally with my own training, I believed I was a bodybuilder when Zoa said I was.

I remember the first time I ever saw Zoa. It was a picture on a website, and actually was just a leg shot. I was amazed. Then I saw another picture which was fully body, but with her head turned. Her physique was just amazing to me. I right then said that is the best physique I have ever seen. Then I looked more, and at the risk of looking like a dork, I found her to be a very beautiful woman. I was from that day a Zoa Linsey fan. Since then I have met and talked to Zoa. That physique and beauty I mentioned is really just a tiny part of who Zoa Linsey is. There is so much more that makes her amazing. She is a sweet woman who truly appreciates the support she receives. The inner beauty of Zoa is what really sets her apart.

There are so many amazing women in this industry. Each of us has our favorites for whatever reason. You know who the important ones in my life are if you know me. And Zoa is one of them. Zoa is someone I think everyone who is newer to training can look up to. Her dedication, hard work, attitude, and love for what she does is admirable to say the least. I have met some great women and men in the industry, and to be honest some very stuck up people. Zoa is one of the ones who qualify in the great part.

Zoa, I am honored to know you and am so happy for and proud of you. You are now preparing to be on the biggest stage of them all, and you earned and deserve it. Regardless of placing, you will shine on that stage. This is YOUR moment. So go on that stage, give it your best shot, be proud of yourself, and most of all have fun and enjoy every minute of it.

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