Friday, September 10, 2010

Jason Adams Industry Blog

Well, it has been awhile since my last blog. BUt that has been with reason. I have been very busy of late. Trying to get several things going. So what I am writing about here may be a bit self serving and if so, accept my apologies. I often get emails, messages, etc, asking for help with ideas for sponsors or booth work and the accompanying things. It sparked my interest in maybe doing that as.... well I guess a profession. Recently I was blessed......twice. Two women I think so highly of have shown the trust in me to hire me as their manager. THey are Figure competitor Carreen Berry and Bodybuilder Sheena Hunter. I am happy these two women have that trust in me, because I feel both women are going to be names in this industry and I want to make that happen. Both are beautiful women, with great physiques, and are some of the nicest women you will meet.

Now a lot of people get into such a business in order to make money. Well those who know me, know I am not about money and the agreement I ahve with these women will reflect that. My goal is to help them and thats my only concern. Often you here people say "This is a selfsih sport". Yes, at times that can be true, but take a closer look at it, and really, it's not so selfish. Yes the training and prep process can be about "me,me,me". BUt step away from teh training and the prep process, and I find it to be anything but selfish. I find it to be full of supportive and encourgaing people. How many times do you hear someone say the best thing about competing is meeting great friends? You hear or read that often.

So what I am saying is, as selfish as you may think the sport is, if you look around, you can also find some of the most amazing people in it. People you can trust and people who will help you as much as they possibly can. I am lucky, I found the most amazing person I know, Danny J Johnson as my trainer, and she helps me in more ways than you can imagine. Also I ahve found two amazing clients in Sheena and Carreen.

So Sheena and Carreen, you have my word, I am going to work as hard as I can for you and together the three of us will do great things.


Melissa Cunningham said...

awesome! truely amazing how far this blog has taken off!!!
totally agree about how this industry is full of lots of support and encouragement,as opposed to selfishness!
im sure nothing but good things are headed your way!

Carreen said...

So true! My favorite part about competition day is hanging out backstage and talking to all of the wonderful girls that I meet!
And thank you Jason for your belief in me and for taking this big step with me :)

JasonDBK said...

Thanks Melissa, truly apprecaite it. Carreen, thank you for your belief I can do it