Monday, September 13, 2010

WBFF to Have Biggest Weekend Yet This Coming Weekend

We all know that the Olympia is fast approaching (next weekend, to be exact), but before that happens, all eyes will be on the World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (WBFF) World Championships. This event could very well be the turning point for the WBFF for one major reason...Monica Brant. The biggest icon in this sport's history will be making her WBFF figure debut this weekend, after leaving the IFBB after competing in that organization for 16 years.

Monica Brant to make her WBFF debut this weekend
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For those that followed Monica throughout her career (and let's be honest, who hasn't?!), Monica always comes with the physique that many fans in IFBB would LOVE to see be rewarded, as opposed to the soft look that is awarded in IFBB figure today. Throughout her entire career, she has won only one IFBB title, and that was the 1998 Fitness Olympia title. She would be close to winning a few figure championships, but would always loose to people whose physiques were not deemed championship quality (other people's words, not mine). Monica could have quit a while back, but instead, she kept at it for the fans, knowing that she would never win an IFBB title.

In the summertime, she shook the figure world by announcing that she was leaving the IFBB for the WBFF. People couldn't believe what they were hearing, and people reacted with excitement, while some didn't feel it was the right move. Mo felt like this was a business decision, as she felt the WBFF could do wonders for her career. A change of scenery, if you will. There are those that feel her physique would be well suited for the WBFF, as in their Figure division, tighter, more muscular looks are rewarded. Look no further than Monica's competition this weekend for proof of that: Emily Stirling.

Emily Stirling: Arguably THE face of WBFF Figure
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Emily has been viewed by many WBFF fans to be the face of the WBFF Figure division, and it's clear to see why. She has amazing conditioning and muscularity that is popular with figure fans yet it not to the extreme of bodybuilding. Her leg development is among some of the best in figure, regardless of federation. For those that don't know Emily Stirling, she's competing in the WBFF since it's inception in 2007 winning the overall title that year then placed second to Diana Chaloux the following year. Last year, the WBFF launched their pro figure division and Stirling, the organization's first figure pro ever, won her second World Championship title. That time, though she did it as a pro figure competitor. With these accomplishments, it's no wonder why many consider Emily to be WBFF's First Lady.

It's no secret that the IFBB/NPC is the biggest and best physique federation in the world, but you would have to be a complete lunatic to ignore how big this weekend is for not only the WBFF, but for the entire muscle world as well. All eyes will be on the WBFF to see if they can deliver. Monica has been said to be in the shape and condition she wants to be. No doubt Emily will be in the best in her career. And what about the rest of the ladies who will be competing? It's obvious that they will all be stepping up their game to stand besides an icon such as Monica.

I will be doing my best to get coverage of this event, as this will no doubt be a turning point for the WBFF and for figure in general, regardless of federation. To Monica, Emily, and everyone competing in the WBFF World Championships this weekend, FitGems Nation wishes you all best of luck and can't wait to see what the WBFF can do! IFBB, you're not the only dog in the yard anymore!!! :)


MoBrant said...

Hi Everyone! This is going to be an amazing weekend no doubt!
I have thoroughly enjoyed my prep..

Working with the best..
-Training n Nutrition:
Nathan Harewood

-Amazing suit: Sonya Davis


-Stage Jewelry:

-Stage Makeup/Hair: Nina Luchka

Thanks to all of the support from family, friends and you fans! I can't believe how much love you all are showing.. I am so blessed..
Hope to see you guys on SAT!

Stay Fit, Love Life & God Bless!
Monica Brant

eM_Stirling said...

I'm looking forward to this amazing event! This is huge for the WBFF, and for any competitor taking part in it!

WBFF has grown so rapidly over the last few years, and with a strong backbone of amazing event promoters and staff, there is no wonder why the best compete WBFF!

To all my personal backbone of support...
friends, family, fans, sponsors, and staff that are coming to watch me... WOW! You're support is MORE than humbling!

Thanks to my sponsors:






*Trainer Jay Hallat... YOU ROCK
*Make up artist: Emily Jackson - you're something else!