Wednesday, September 29, 2010

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I have written about Zoa Linsey already. Well I have decided to do it again. It is my blog and I can do what I want LOL.

As everyone surely knows Zoa just competed at the Ms. Olympia. Many may know of her injury. Zoa had a herniated disk. She could not even pump up beforehand and was in pain. Yet she still went out there with a smile on her face and looked incredible.

Afterwards Zoa said she hoped she didn't let anyone down. Zoa, are you crazy? Let anyone down? NEVER. In fact I expect I speak for everyone when I say how proud we are of you. You were on the biggest stage in the sport, and you BELONGED there, and you will be back there. Will you win? Well I do not have my crystal ball handy. But does it matter? When you went into the gym the first time, did you say " I am going to be Ms. Olympia"? Somehow I doubt it. You started training because you enjoyed it. Something tells me you still enjoy it. And that is what it should be about. You wanted to be fit and healthy I imagine. Well you achieved that, so you already achieved what you set out to achieve, and everything from here on in is icing on the cake. No one can ever be disappointed with what you do competing wise from here on out.

There are a lot of amazing people in the industry, and some..... well not so nice people. I have heard so many people say so many things, but no one ever says anything bad about Zoa. Zoa makes you proud to be a part of the sport. Zoa is a role model, not just for a person who wants to train and/or compete, but just because of the person she is. I know from experience with the encouragement she has given me. Zoa is proof that a muscular woman is a beautiful woman, Zoa is proof of what hard work can produce, Zoa is proof that good things happen to good people. Let's be honest, we can look at Zoa, and you are blind to not think she is a beautiful woman. But that is not why I am a Zoa Linsey fan. Eventually if you get to know her, that beauty becomes the last thing on your mind. Because you are too busy respecting her for the bodybuilder she is and even more importantly for the woman she is.

Before the Olympia, everyone asked who I picked to win. I said Zoa. And I wasn't wrong. Zoa did win. Zoa won because she got on stage when most wouldn't have been able to. Zoa won because she was on stage with the Elite, making her one of the elite. Zoa won because she is Zoa Linsey. You don't need to be on stage with a check or a trophy to be a winner. A trophy doesn't make you great, you make you great, and Zoa you made yourself great, and so many people are so proud of you.

Zoa thank you for being a role model and an inspiration to me and so many other men and women.

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Anonymous said...

Jason -
Dude, well said! Zoa is a magnificent athlete, lady and person.
She truly has created a persona that not one person can say anything negative about, she is a good person. With that she went out on stage at the O and showed the world what grace and style can be brought to the stage. I am a firm believer that the judging crowd still penalize larger women because they do not know how to judge size. Zoa greets that discriminating moment each and every time with a smile and the attitude of a champion.

Will she ever win the O ... does it matter? Each and every one of those ladies who sacrificed, showed total dedication and loyalty to themselves, their fans and the sport are all winners.

Great piece and keep the reality what it is ..... Zoa time!

Eric via FB