Saturday, March 6, 2010

Congrats to the 2010 Arnold Pro Champions

This evening, history was made in more ways than one. Long story short, Iris Kyle won Ms. International, Adela Garcia won Fitness International, and Nicole Wilkins-Lee won Figure International. Congrats to our new Arnold champions!! A far more-detailed look at each division (as well as my personal thoughts on them) to come later on this week.

Ms International

1. Iris Kyle
2. Yaxeni Oriquen
3. Debi Laszewski
4. Lisa Aukland
5. Betty Pariso
6. Dayana Cadeau

Fitness International

1. Adela Garcia
2. Julie Palmer
3. Tanji Johnson
4. Trish Warren
5. Oksana Grishina
6. Camala Rodriguez

Figure International

1. Nicole Wilkins-Lee
2. Erin Stern
3. Heather Mae French
4. Mindi Smith
5. Felicia Romero
6. Larissa Reis

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Ash Libbie said...

Those placings are insane. It must have been really tough for the judges to choose. I can't believe how many superstars competed at one show. Thats awesome!