Tuesday, January 1, 2013

4th Annual FitGems Awards: Team of the Year

Congrats to Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness on winning Team of the Year!

Some of the Save Fitness team
Photo credit: Tanji Johnson's website

Tanji Johnson's Save Fitness was created with one main purpose, to save fitness, DUH!! You think the name of the group was just for show? Anyways, they have done an amazing job putting together a lot of fitness-minded individuals. Doesn't hurt they are lead by one of the best fitness competitors in the world in Tanji Johnson. They recognize that fitness is a just as much as TEAM effort as it is INDIVIDUAL effort (at times, more so). They won this award last year, and for them to repeat as champions says a lot about the hard work this team puts in year after year. What will 2013 bring for Tanji's crew? Time will tell.

Runner-up: Team Bombshell

Other nominees were Total Package, Oddo's Angels, and Team Vixen.

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