Tuesday, January 1, 2013

4th Annual FitGems Awards: Supplement Company of the Year

Congrats to Dymatize on winning Supplement Company of the Year!

Erin Stern, one of Dymatize's top athletes
Credit to the original poster.

Dymatize has been around for a bit and has provided some great products since its arrival. Dymatize athletes are a very interesting bunch of people, but very successful. How successful? They have arguably THE BEST figure competitor in the world right now on their team. For those of you wondering, I'm talking about the current Figure Olympia Champion Erin Stern. In addition to Erin, other female members include Jenna Renee, Jennifer Dawn, Christina Reed, Pamela Wilson, among others. Expect big things from the supplement company in the coming year.

Runner-up: Gaspari Nutrition

Other nominees include BSN, Scivation, and iSatori.

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