Wednesday, January 23, 2013

4th Annual FitGems Awards: Shows of the Year (IFBB, NPC and WBFF)

Congrats to the following on winning their organizations' show of the year honors!


International Federation of Bodybuilders

In the IFBB, there's no show bigger than the Olympia. The best of the best compete to see who's number one in the world. Iris Kyle and Adela Gracia successfully defended their Ms. Olympia and Fitness Olympia title, respectively, further cementing their legacy and pretty much ensuring them first-ballot Hall of Fame slots when their time comes. In what might be the best "friendly rivalry" in any of the female divisions, Erin Stern bested Nicole Wilkins to regain the Figure Olympia title. Nathalia Melo would best former champion Nicole Nagrani to become Ms. Bikini Olympia for the first time in her career, and her emotions after the win showed why she earned the title. This show was also the first one under the Olympia Qualification Series, making the already-big show more elite that it has been for a long time. With women's physique to be added this year, the show is only going to get bigger and better from here.

Runner-up: Masters Olympia/Miami Pro

Others nominated included Arnold Classic, Arnold Classic, Sheru Classic, and Arnold Classic Europe

National Physique Committee

In the NPC, the USAs reigned supreme, according to you the voters. Holding it in Las Vegas brings an electric atmosphere to the event. Jon Lindsey does a great job in making this as big of an event as possible. Tierey Christian won the overall women's bodybuilding title, Francine Sablan won overall figure, Samantha Hill won overall women's physique, and Kelsie Burgin won overall bikini. The NPC crowned 34 new IFBB pros that evening: 2 for women's bodybuilding, 8 for women's physique, 12 for figure, and 12 for bikini.

Runner-up: Nationals

Others nominated include Jr. Nationals, Jr. USAs, and Arnold Amateur

World Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation

In the WBFF, no other show is bigger for their organization than the Worlds. Emily Stirling showcased one of the best physique in the WBFF and in all of figure, but she would come up short in defending her pro figure title in 2012, losing it to Louise Van Der Nat, who was a former NABBA competitor. In addition to women's figure (which is one of their key divisions at the WBFF), there was women's bikini and fitness model (both of them have different looks). Unfortunately, I'm unaware of the results of those categories.

Runner-up: Fitness Atlantic

Others nominated include New England, Central US, and B.C. Championships

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