Saturday, January 5, 2013

4th Annual FitGems Awards: Female Supporter of the Year

Congrats to Tanji Johnson on winning Female Supporter of the Year!

In addition to being a top competitor, Tanji is a big supporter for our industry. While she's not a major member of forums, she does everything she can before, during, and after shows to make sure the competitors get the respect they deserve. Many fitness competitors look up to Tanji for inspiration, with many calling her the best competitor to not (as of yet) win the Fitness International or Fitness Olympia title. She does more than just compete, she wants others to see what competing can do for them, and that's why she won this award in practically a landslide.

Runner-up: Shannon Dey

Other nominees include Rebecca Staggs, Tracy Bodner, and Mindi O'Brien.

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