Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sharing a TenSpot with...Carla Gutierrez

Sharing a TenSpot is BACK! For those that are new to FitGems and for those that forgot what Sharing a TenSpot is, Sharing a TenSpot is when I ask competitors, fans, and those within the industry ten questions pertaining to their career.

I had the privilege and opportunity to interview someone who I feel will be a future IFBB pro: Carla Gutierrez. Very beautiful, inside and out, she's brings a great package every time she steps on stage. I'm very fortunate to call her a friend, and wish her the best of luck in her quest in becoming an IFBB Figure Pro. In this interview she lets her fans know when she will be competing next, her thoughts on the current figure scene, and compares the Canadian figure look with the United States figure look.

Photos were provided by Carla herself.

FitGems Nation: State your name and profession.
Carla Gutierrez:  Carla Gutierrez. I am 2009 Mrs BC figure overall champion and Semi Pro Figure Competitor, top three in Canada.

FitGems: When did you first start competing?
Carla: I first started competing four years ago.

FitGems: What do you see differently in Canadian figure competitions from U.S. figure competitions, if anything at all?
Carla: Well in Canada its much harder they look for more of a leaner look. There is such a fine line between Figure and Body Building in Canada.

FitGems: What is your strategy when you head to the gym? Is it mostly weight-training, mostly cardio, a balanced mixture of the two, or something else?
Carla: Mostly weight-training and diet.

FitGems: I’m asking this question based on what you like and not what the judges and organization prefers and rewards: what is YOUR ideal figure physique, and which figure competitor in the past or present fits what figure SHOULD be like?
Carla: I love Monica Brant her body lean and mass. I think Figure Competitors should look like fit lean woman not bikini models.

FitGems: If you weren’t a part of the female physique world, what would you be doing right now as your profession?
Carla: I love the gym have and always will so when I am not competing i am personal training or working in the gym.

FitGems: In your honest opinion, why does it seem harder for Canadian competitors to earn pro cards then those that live in the United States?
Carla: I think Canadians in the field have high expectations for there athletes who represent them, they want only the best overall look.

FitGems: With so many changes in the figure division, where do YOU personally see the direction of figure in the long haul? Do you think it will remain in a “soft” state where there are those that say that it’s dangerously close to drawing a line between figure and bikini, or do you see it going back to a somewhat harder look, like when Davana Medina was queen of figure during its birth?
Carla: I personally think it should be a leaner look, that is why we go to these shows to see all the muscle and hard work that is dedicated in this lifestyle.

FitGems: Which competitor (past or present) you look up to the most for your inspiration?
Carla: Mrs (Davana) Medina and (Monica) Brant are my favorites.

FitGems: What are your future plans heading into 2010 and beyond?
Carla: I am doing the North Americans in the US and hope that the judges will like what they see ; )

We would like to thank Carla for taking the time to interview for the FitGems blog. For more on Carla, visit her on MySpace, Facebook, and FitGems Nation.

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