Thursday, May 13, 2010

THE Must-Own DVD for ALL female competitors

I got this email from Repetrope Productions (who produces great DVDs, by the way), and they have released a DVD that I feel will be THE DVD that every female bodybuilder, fitness, figure, and bikini competitor will want and NEED to own. The DVD is simply titled WHAT ARE JUDGES LOOKING FOR IN BIKINI, FIGURE, FITNESS & WOMEN'S BODYBUILDING? Here's a description of it via Repetrope's website:

This video covers proper posing, judging criteria, discussion on suit cut, suit fit and color, body colors, shoes, body types, posing critique and much more! This seminar breaks the myths and provides valuable information on what the judges really look for in bikini, figure, fitness and women's bodybuilding competition. Also present at this seminar are over a dozen professional and top national-level competitors to give you front- line competition advice.

BTW, this video is hosted by the top person herself, chairperson and the head IFBB women's judge, Sandy Williamson. Long story short, if I were you, I would shell out about 30 bucks or so, and would go to Repetrope's website and order the DVD. The price of the DVD is exactly $27.95. For those that still have tape players, it's available in VHS format as well.

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