Tuesday, May 4, 2010

KFC and Burger King...What the DEUCE?!?!?!?!?!?!?

I've been looking at a bit of TV (when I get the time) and checking out the boards and blogs, and well...I'm about to be put on the KFC and Burger King blacklist for this. I'm not the healthiest person on the block, but seriously, neither organization is helping the obesity rate decrease with their latest promotions. Ai yi yi!

First, I'm going to rant on Burger King for a bit. If you can recall, they have new burgers on the menu called the Steakhouse XT burger. They are bragging that their burger is bigger than McDonalds Angus burgers. Let me repeat this again, THEY ARE BRAGGING THAT THEIR BURGER IS BIGGER THAN MCDONALDS'S ANGUS BURGERS!!! I had a McD's Angus burger once...ONCE...and can tell you firsthand they are no joke. To say that your burger is bigger than that of the Angus burger is basically telling me the following things: "Our burger has a better chance of clotting your arteries than McDonalds" or "Our burger will guarantee you to gain more fat than McDonalds". This might be good for a refeeding after a contest, but seriously, I think if you look at the whole thing, there's more harm than good. Even they're making it well known that their new burger, the Buck Double, is bigger than the McDouble. Are you begging for heart problems here, people?! REALLY?!?!

Now for KFC. I got a bone to pick with them on a couple of things. One, the Double Down sandwich. Two FRIED chicken fillets, bacon (which has GREASE), and two slices of cheese...you are BEGGING for a heart attack, people. Again, this might be alright for a refilling after a show. Might. But that doesn't make me as ill as what their doing as their latest promotion. They are teaming up with the Susan B. Komen For The Cure Foundation where 50 cents for each bucket sold will go to breast cancer research. Will Brink brought up some very valid points over at Siouxcountry, so I won't repeat them there (Go to the link and give your input on it). While their hearts seem to be in the right place, the idea of giving back to fight breast cancer by buying a bucket of greased chicken that can possibly lead to cancer if too much is consumed is stupid. Not kinda or sorta stupid, just flat-out stupid.

Yeah, yeah, I know people will eat whatever they want, but that's the darn problem. If you actually stopped to think about it, it's things like this that are making the obesity problem worse rather than better. Maybe it's just me ranting, but isn't it about time that people, not just those in the industry, wake up and take charge in their lives. If you think I'm little steamed over this, just wait til I talk about how these fast-food places are trying to be healthier with their "healthy" options. I will have the entire fast food society on my back when I'm finished! LOL. :)

What's your take on the latest KFC and Burger King promotions? Am I speaking some sense, or have I lost my mind? Sound off in the comments below.

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