Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The First Lady of Fitness (Mia Finnegan) Has Returned!!!

If you haven't heard via Hardbody News or Siouxcountry, a major name is returning to the Olympia stage for the first time in over a decade. The original Fitness Olympia champion, Mia Finnegan is back! News first broke out sometime around the 2010 Arnold, and there were those that weren't entirely sure if it was true. But today, Isaac put the rumors to rest and confirmed that she is indeed coming out of retirement.

Mia has had an amazing career back in the 90s, with her greatest claim to fame being the first ever Fitness Olympia champion back in 1995. Nearly 15 years later, at 43 years old and a mother of three, she is returning to the grandest fitness stage of them all, the Fitness Olympia. Never before have I recalled an return to fitness this big. We will see the past (Mia), the present (Adela, Tanji, Julie, Tracey), and the future (Myriam, Tina, Trish, Camala) of fitness collide in what could go down as the possibly the most anticipated Fitness Olympia contests in IFBB history. September can't come soon enough! :)

Before she makes her big Olympia fitness return, she will return to competition for the first time in 14 years for the Europa Battle of Champions on July 23-24. She will be competing in the figure division, as a warm-up. I mean, she hasn't been on stage in 14 years, so she's entitled to have a little warm-up before stepping on to the big stage. But wouldn't it be something if she was to get a FIGURE Olympia qualification as well?! Hmm....

Anyways, things have definitely become more interesting in the fitness and figure divisions. How do you feel about the return of the First Lady of Fitness? Sound off in the comments below or on the Facebook fan page.

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Edward said...

I am really excited! Mia Finnegan-back in the day when the Fitness America Pageants were on ESPN, was the reason I became a fan of this sport. So it will definitely be interesting to see what Mia looks like now. If Dale Tomita, Amy Fadhli, Erika White Marcantonio, and Susie Curry were to announce they were competing again, that would be even better.