Saturday, December 26, 2009

2010 Arnold Selection FitChat

Hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday! 

As you all know, the 2010 Arnold list was posted this past Monday, giving many IFBB competitors a great Christmas present. I know there are those that have their own thoughts (and complaints) about who got invited, who didn't get invited, who should or should have NOT got invited, etc. So...I'm going to have an open forum to discuss all that. On Januray 8th at 12 Noon Eastern Time, I'll be hosting a 2010 Arnold Selection FitChat, where we'll be discussing those things, as well as everyone's picks for the division. If this FitChat is anything like the one that was held earlier this month regarding the 2009 Year in Review, there's no telling how this one will turn out to be! :)

Hope to see you at the FitChat in a couple of weeks!

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