Monday, December 7, 2009

Kiana's Back!

Yep, you read that right. Kiana Tom, one of the top fitness personalities in the world, is on the show business again. For those that are unfamiliar, Kiana was part of Bodyshaping on ESPN in the early 90s. She then went on to host her own show called Kiana's Flex Appeal, and as they say in Hollywood, the rest is history. She became beyond just a fitness icon; she became a household phenonenon. She wasn't THE one that made women having muscles acceptable, but you'd be lying to yourself if you said that she didn't have SOME part to it.

Well, now the woman that revolutionized the fitness industry will be making her return, but for a different type of audience. She will be focusing on mothers, as she is one herself. Plus the show is online, which is a smart move in today's world. Her new project is called Fit Mom TV, and will launch on January, 1 2010.

Here is what the
official Fit Mom TV website says about the new online show:

“Kiana’s Fit Mom TV” is a brand new, 1st of it’s kind, fitness series on the web – just for moms. Kiana Tom, founder and host of Kiana’s Fit Mom TV makes fitness simple and highly doable for moms to incorporate exercise into their busy lives.

Internationally renowned fitness expert, Kiana Tom, leads moms through exercises that can be done at home or in the gym, using hand weights and household items. Workout routines are demonstrated to target common trouble areas for women such as the tummy, hips, thighs, butt and arms. Kiana Tom, mother of 2 young children, will share her personal fitness tips and tricks to getting back in shape quickly after having a baby and staying in shape with as little as 30 minutes per day, which can be accomplished in doable 10 minute increments.

Kiana’s Fit Mom TV is brought to you by the producers of the #1 rated fitness series on ESPN, “Kiana’s Flex Appeal” and takes the proven, successful format and tailors it just for moms! Kiana’s Fit Mom TV features workouts that can be done around a busy moms schedule, multi tasking exercises to get more done in less time, problem solving exercises to fix women’s common trouble areas, workouts for the gym and home, healthy recipes, tips, motivation and interviews with some of the most inspiring, fittest moms in the country. Fit Mom TV is for all moms who share the passion for health and fitness – all around the world.

“Kiana’s Fit Mom TV” will officially launch on, on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2010, just in time for those New Year’s Resolutions. Visitors to the site before January 1, 2010 can sign up for the Fit Mom TV email list to get Mom specific exercises delivered to their inbox and get a chance to win Kiana’s Fit Mom TV swag.

“Fit Mom TV fills the need for quality fitness programming to help busy moms get into shape while balancing family, children, work, household and daily demands. Moms are the center of the family unit – if we are fit, healthy and feeling good about ourselves, everyone is much happier. We receive thousands of emails from around the world – from India, Germany, Italy, Dubai, soldiers in the middle east, moms who are marines – all over the USA – you name it. The common concerns for busy moms are “time and energy limitations and not knowing what to do.” Fit Mom TV will answer all of those concerns. The Internet is the perfect vehicle to reach millions of moms – 24/7. As a busy mom of 2 young children, I don’t have time to watch television, but I can access the Internet anytime that is convenient for me according to my schedule,” explains Kiana Tom, Founder, Host and mother of 2.

I'm not one to tell anyone what to do, but I would suggest for all mothers out there to check this out and see how this could help you. As a fan of Kiana and a regular watcher of Flex Appeal, I can assure you this will be a good thing. Who knows, maybe this will be the birth of more fitness shows across the internet for everyone. I mean, the internet is THE place to go these days for pratcially everything. Just a thought.

Be that as it may, We at FitGems Nation wish Kiana the best of luck in her new venture and hopes lives are forever changed in a good way! :)

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