Monday, November 2, 2009

New Elite: Natalie Ariel

Nataile Rae Ariel began her career in the fitness industry as a figure competitor. In 2006, she competed at the Jr. Nationals. The following year, under the direction of new IFBB Pro Elena Seiple, she made an amazing transformation on her body, and many people began to notice, especially Joe Bayer of HDPhysiques. He saw a star and arrange an awesome photo/video shoot that has made her among the most popular models on the site. She is not only built like a tank, but she's very strong as well. She isn't called the "A-Train" for nothing. Her strength and ability to grow muscle fast, as well as the new figure guidelines, played a key role in her switch to bodybuilding.

Many were anticipating her arrival in the bodybuilding world, and she did not disappoint whatsoever. She made her bodybuilding debut at the 2009 NPC Western Michigan and won the middleweight class and overall women's bodybuilding title. Apparently, Natalie made the right decision in crossing over from figure to bodybuilding. Next up for her is the 2009 Ironman in Chicago this Saturday. If this keeps up, look for her to do some serious damage in the IFBB when (not if) she earns her pro card in the years (by that I mean, two, three at the most) to come.

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