Monday, November 2, 2009

Fitting Review: Hardbody News

Okay, okay...

Some of you are probably going to be thinking, why the deuce is this moron promoting a blog other than his own. Long story short, it's my blog, and I'll promote whatever I damn well please, that's all! >:)

I kid, I kid!!! LOL... :)

The real reason I'm doing this blog is because this is arguably my favorite of the blogs I read every day. The founder of Hardbody News is the one and only Issac Hinds. I've not met the guy yet (hopefully that will change sooner than later), but he (more times than not) knows what he's talking about. What I like about him is that he doesn't beat around the bush about things; he says what he thinks and feels and lets it be the end of it. If you don't like it, too bad, so sad. Am I saying he's right all the time? Hell to the N-O! But go back and check some of his blog posts and compare his predictions to the actual results of contests. Heck, Hardbody News was the first site that actually shed light on the new bikini division for the NPC and IFBB.

On his blog, he interviews competitors, promotes contests, and post up-to-date pictures and coverage of events that are happening right now. Since he's also a photographer, he also shares his work on his blog as well. Yes, he wears quite a bit of hats in the industry.

If you want to understand the ever-changing things about the fitness industry, your best bet would be for you to check out Hardbody News. Click on the logo below to check out his site:

Hardbody News

The direct link is You can also follow Hardbody News on Twitter.

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