Friday, October 23, 2009

Idea for Arnold Selection Show

I know that the Arnold is announced on the Internet by a mere list. But I was thinking...since the Arnold is a selection process, why not it be shown as a webcast, beginning next year? What I mean by that is treat it like a draft, ala NBA or NFL draft. I actually got the idea from watching the WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2010 Roster Reveal show on the GameSpot website. It's also available on YouTube if you want to check it out as well.

The Arnold Selection Show would be broadcast on, as they provide major coverage of the event every year. The rounds would go as followed:

  • Round 1 would be the 2010 Ms. International competitors
  • Round 2 would be the 2010 Fitness International competitors
  • Round 3 would be the 2010 Figure International competitors
  • Round 4 would be the Arnold Classic Men 202 and Under competitors (that is new this year)
  • Round 5 would be the Arnold Classic male competitors
After each round, a few of the competitors would be called to get their reactions on being selected to participate in the 2010 Arnold, and those that host the show would provide their reactions and comments to the selections this year. After the show is over, THEN the list can be posted on the Arnold website. It won't have to be a week long thing; this can be about 30 minutes, no more than an hour. It would make the Arnold that much more prestigious and special to the industry.

Go to the links below to see what I'm trying to explain:

WWE SVR 2010 Draft Pt. 1
WWE SVR 2010 Draft Pt. 2
WWE SVR 2010 Draft Pt. 3
WWE SVR 2010 Draft Pt. 4

What are your thoughts about this? Keep in mind, this is merely something I thought of, and in no way represents how the Arnold committee will reveal the participants.

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