Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2010 IFBB Schedule of Events

Today, the IFBB released the 2010 Schedule of Events. Here's how the events will go down as far as numbers are concerned.

  • Women's Bodybuilding will have 6 contests
  • Fitness will have 7 contests
  • Figure will have 15 contests
  • The new pro bikini division will have 6 contests for its inaugural year

Women's Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fitness will begin 2010 in Phoenix, Arizona at the new Phoenix Pro-Am show. It was mentioned that the new IFBB Pro Bikini division will start at the Arnold Classic, but according to IFBBPro.com, the debut will take place a few weeks after the Arnold, at the Max Muscle Pro Bikini Show on March 27 in Culver City, California. Also, there's no Bikini Olympia...yet. That might very well change, but we'll see. I fully expect a Bikini International AND Bikini Olympia in 2011, without question.Also, expect the number of events for ALL divisions to possibly change, as there could be some contests added or cancelled at a moment's notice.


Time to plan for the new year! Have fun! :)

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