Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top Five Female Muscle Community Sites (Just My Opinion)

Issac Hinds wrote an awesome post on his blog Hardbody News ( about why competitor need to use YouTube as a promoting tool for themselves. I encourage you all to read this in your spare time (

I took his advice and made a quick YouTube video highlighting the top five community sites that I personally think are the ones that each female competitor needs to check out at some point in time. I also plugged in my sites as well.

Over the course of the weekend, there have been (as of this posting) over 900 views. Personally, I consider that an accomplishment.

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Musclebods said...

It's great to see that the Female Bodybuilding community is alive and well. I've recently started doing my bit to help out too: I've set up a site called The Female Bodybuilder Directory.

It list all of female bodybuilders and provides a single resource for finding them all in one place.

I'm adding to it constantly and the site is getting bigger every day.