Thursday, November 27, 2008

Celebrity Muscle-Trish Stratus

Here's the latest feature to the blog, Celebrity Muscle. I will discuss the celebrites and sports figures that aren't afraid to go that extra length to put on a little muscle on their frame.

My first Celebrity Muscle feature is of former wrestling personality Trish Stratus.

Before she became a seven-time WWE Women’s Champion and arguably on of the biggest entertainers in WWE history, she was a top international fitness model. Her main objective in life was to be a doctor. And she was on her way of becoming one, but fate put that to a screeching halt. She would not graduate with a doctorate degree at York University in Toronto. She instead worked at a gym and was approached to being a fitness model. About six months later, she transformed her body, and the female muscle world took notice. Musclemag gave her the big break as a top fitness model. She went on to becoming one of Musclemag’s most popular fitness models ever. Then a company called World Wrestling Entertainment (known at the time as World Wrestling Federation), came a-calling after Trish appeared on a wrestling-related show in Canada and was offered a job. In March of 2000, the wrestling world would get to know what many in the fitness industry knew all along…Trish was someone who was destined to be a star.

Her WWE career has become stuff of legend. From her debut on March 2000 to her storybook ending in 2006 in her hometown of Toronto, Trish provided “Stratusfaction” and gave fans a woman everyone could root for (when she was a face) and everyone could hate (when she was a heel). To date, there is no other woman in mainstream pro wrestling that can capture the attention of both male and female fans male like Trish.

Ever since retiring from the ring, she has hosted a comedy reality show in Canada, participated in a celebrity cop reality show, is hosting her own travel show in Canada (could air in the US soon), and runs a yoga studio in…guess where?! Spain! Just kidding…It’s Canada. J Needless to say, she has kept herself busy and healthy. And like ever former wrestler, she has teased a return to the lands of the WWE, which many fans (including yours truly) would welcome back with open arms and a standing ovation.

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