Monday, December 1, 2008

StratusFACTtion Guaranteed-My other project

In addition to the FitGems Nation, I've been working on a new project dedicated to my all-time favorite female wrestler, Trish Stratus. It's something along the lines of a Chuck Norris facts page, but instead it's a Trish Stratus facts page. This was created out of humor and not made to be taken serious. I'm hoping Trish herself will take a look at this page and get a good chuckle out of it. I certaintly did after I realize what I created. LOL.

Speaking of Trish, to the surprise of...none, she was the favorite on last month's poll in regards to who would make a great IFBB competitor with 54% of the votes. Trish as an IFBB fitness or figure competitor. One word...EPIC! Torrie Wilson was second with 5% of the votes. Melina, Terri Runnels, Jackie Gayda-Haas, and others got 3% a piece. Mickie James and Candice Michelle receive 2% a piece. Eve Torres and Michelle McCool received 1%. I'm gonna apologize right now about this post. After I made the post, I left out some key people by mistake, most noticably, Beth Pheonix. I can't believe I left her out, and for that, I apologize.

Now on to the last poll of the year. It's official that the NPC will have a bikini divison net year with the IFBB to follow suit in 2010. My question is: If it were up to YOU, which division would you rather have in the NPC or IFBB: a bikini or physique divison? Or why not both..or neither of them at all? I'm gonna post my thoughts on this matter soon, and I would like you to voice your opinions (good or bad) after I make the post.

Hope everyone enjoyed Thankgiving and are getting ready for Christmas! Yes, the holidays have arrived! Meaning...the Arnold Classic list should be coming out sometime this month. Can't wait!!!

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