Saturday, December 27, 2008

Petiton for Kiana's Flex Appeal Remake

During the late 90s into the early 2000, ESPN aired a very popular fitness show called Kiana's Flex Appeal. Kiana Tom, the show's star and a Bodyshaping alumnus, became a household name and was responsible for not only getting many people into shape and helping them reach healthy goals, but she gave people a reason to get up off the couch and bed. Her inner and outer beauty helped her become one of the most popular fitness personalities on the planet. Reruns are shown every Monday-Friday at 7AM Eastern/6AM Central on ESPN Classic. Kiana Fitness is looking to return to ESPN with NEW episodes. But the team needs your help!

Go to or to sign the petition. Once 50,000 signatures are made, this will be sent to ESPN for review. If you have any questions, contact Steve at Also check out her official website at

Together we can bring one of the top fitness shows ever back to television for the new generation!

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