Monday, October 27, 2008

My Ideal Arnold Amateur Physique list

Earlier, I gave my take on the pros that I would choose to be in the Arnold Classic Physique competiton. Click here to see the pro list I created. Now here are the amateurs I would choose if there were to be an Arnold Amateur Physique contest (all photos are free and belong to their respective original placements):

Tracy Bodner

Sherrie Carnicle

Lindsay Cope

Diana Tinnelle

Ann Titone

Angela Kirkland

Vanessa Adams

Lori Steele

Amanda Swallow

Rachelle Cannon

Nikki Warner

Mavi Gioia

Natalie Ariel

Andrea Swanson

Holly Nicholson

Melissa Detwiller

Ali Huston

Ann Caliri

Grace Rivera

Danielle Rouleau

Jenn Jackson

Barbara Fletcher

Jennifer DeJoya

Jodi Miller

Jamie Reed

Just like the pros, this was not an easy task to pick 25 people. So, if you have anymore to add, please do so under the comments. Who knows? Maybe there will be a physique division in the future? This post, along with the other two post about a physique division are just thoughts, and not reality...yet.

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