Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sharing a TenSpot with...2008 Fitness Olympia Champion Jenny Hendershott!

Here's the first of three exclusive interviews for FitGems. The first one is with the new Fitness Olympia Champion Jenny Hendershott!

Jenny Hendershott once again rose to the top of the fitness division becoming Miss Fitness Olympia for the second time in her career. Jenny has competed in nine consecutive Olympias, and has placed in the top five at each of them, not to mentioned that she's been in the top ten in each pro contest she's participated so far. Personally, I have no doubt in my mind that she is gonna go down as one of the top fitness performers in IFBB history.

FitGems: How does it feel to be the NEW Fitness Olympia Champion?
Jenny Hendershott: It feels amazing to win this show once but then to win it twice. WOW. I forgot what it was like to win! Now I remember how awesome it is.

What was your mindset coming into Vegas this time as opposed to last year?
Jenny: Personally I think what happens at home prior to a show plays a part in what you bring to a show. Everything impacts the way you perform. I have been through a lot like other athletes and in the past it has impacted my physique and performance. I didn't do too many things different but I did have a VERY peaceful prep prior to this show. My life is good and I am in a good place with God. When you have Him on your team you are unstoppable. (Amen to that, sister. Amen to that.)

FitGems: This is your ninth Olympia appearance. I know your first win is always the best win, but where does this win rank in your career?
Jenny: I would say this is definitely one of the highlights of my career. I can't rank them cause they are all so amazing and I am so grateful.

FitGems: You arguably have the most entertaining routines in all of fitness. How are you able to possess that much energy…in particular this weekend with an untimely passing of Steve Stone on Friday hours before the finals?
Jenny: You know I always have been a high energy person. I was the only girl of 5 children I ran circles around my brothers with my ambition and energy. Friday was so unreal. It was such an amazing day of competition for me and so sad for the industry. When we got to the night show everyone was crying and so sad, the fitness girls gathered in the dressing room and we talked. I told them we have to do this for Steve, he would not want us to not do this. We had shared a prayer in his honor and we knew the fans who paid to see us did not know what was going on so we had to keep our commitment . The girls did an awesome job. I was proud of them. (God Bless you all for having the hearts to perform during a tragedy...)

FitGems: With the possibility of a fitness/figure reality show coming to television in 2009, do you think that this could help expand the fitness numbers?
Jenny: I do I think the industry/fans and the general public need to be exposed to this industry and they also need to see we are real people with real jobs, with real issues , and we have to work really hard. We have a good balanced life, we would be great role models. I think if the right people are chosen for the show it will be great for the industry.

FitGems: What would YOU do to increase the fitness numbers in both the NPC and IFBB?
Jenny: What am I currently doing? Well I am doing a couple things. I am creating my own NPC show for fitness, figure etc,,,so putting more shows out there. Second I am using my connections in cheerleading to get more girls involved. There are lots of jen hendershott's out there we just have to find them and get them involved. Third, I think that changes that are coming out in 09 will help bring more athletes into the sport.

FitGems: Of all the routines you’ve done in the Olympia so far, which is by far your favorite?
Jenny: I loved the playboy bunny routine, it flowed , had good balance etc.... But when I think of the Banana routine, I laugh so hard, I can not believe I did that. I loved it. (That was hilarious!!!)

FitGems: Do you see yourself braking Susie Curry’s Olympia record?
Jenny: Wow isn't that like 5 Olympia titles? Not sure I never thought of that but I don't think so.

FitGems: With your long and successful stay in the IFBB, can we officially call you an icon, or do you feel it is too early for you to claim that title?
Jenny: No, I will take icon. I have done a lot more then compete in this sport. I feel I have won what there is to win and I feel there are NOT many girls that can call them self that . So I will take that title! ( icon, it is!)

FitGems: What’s next for you now that you are back on top in the fitness division?
Jenny: Honestly, I am enjoying this moment and not thinking whats next. I am preparing my camp schedule and working with clients closely so they are priority right now. Ask me again in December! (We'll be waiting for your name to be on the Arnold invite, Jenny! :) )

Hope you enjoyed what the Fitness Olympia champion had to say. Interviews with the reiging Ms. Olympia and new Ms. Fitness Olympia to follow within the next few days.

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