Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jennifer Gates is the NEW Figure Olympia Champion!!!!!!!!!!!

Behold the queen...the queen of queens. Jennifer Gates, in only her SECOND Olympia appearance, pulled off the biggest win in her career and became the newest Figure Olympia champion! I've been a fan of hers LONG before she became an IFBB pro, and something told me in my gut that she was gonna be a big star. I have that sixth sense about things. Long story short, I couldn't be more proud of Jenn. Second place honors for a second year in a row go to the very beautiful Gina Aliotti. The current Figure International looked like she was gonna be the second woman ever to win both the Arnold and Olympia Figure titles, but that was not meant to be...not this year, at least. Gina is one of those competitors that gets better and better with age (although she seems perfect already). She's gonna be Figure Olympia champion very soon; don't you worry about that. Third place went to someone that flew out of my radar in predictions, as well as many others. I'm talking about Zivile Raudoniene. Yep, shocking isn't it?! Not to those that saw the comparison pics with Jenn and Gina, and those that were at the Olympia. Personally, I think it's cool to see international stars get some love in the IFBB, and with her thrid place finish, we are at the least guaranteed at one person not from the States to be a part of the biggest muscle show in the world. Jenny Lynn, the woman who dominated the figure scene ever since the creation of the sport, placed fourth. Compared to the other ladies, she didn't seem like herself. I wasn't there, so I can't judged. She looked great, but it seemes like the others looked better. She'll be back to try and recapture the title she lost. Mary Lado returned to her old roots and bounced back big time looking incredible to get a fifth place finish. It will be interesting to see if she puts in an Arnold invite and attempts to regain the Figure International title next year from Gina. Rounding out the top six is Sonia Adcock. She has proven time and time again that she has a certain "it" factor that makes her a top figure competitor. Her new bangs and overall new look will definitely put her in the running with Jenn and Gina in the months and years to come.

Here were the predictions I made prior to the show:
  1. Jennifer Gates
  2. Gina Aliotti
  3. Jenny Lynn
  4. Felicia Romero
  5. Mary Lado
  6. Sonia Adcock
And the actual top six:
  1. Jennifer Gates (take that, experts!!)
  2. Gina Aliotti
  3. Zivile Raudoniene
  4. Jenny Lynn
  5. Mary Lado
  6. Sonia Adcock

Sometime this week, I'll give my thoughts on the entire Olympia. Congrats to each competitor who was a part of one unforgettable weekend!


galiotti said...

Gina Aliotti should have won this show!
Jen Gates signed with Manion then she wins??

Gina has the better body

galiotti said...

Gina Should have won That Show!
Jen signed with Manion so she won.
Gina clearly better!

C-Ray said...

Gina did look AMAZING, like she always does. But this was too close to call this year. Jenn was the better woman at the Olympia, bottom line.

Gina will get her chance to shine very soon. She's only 24, plenty of time for her to shatter records and take home numerous championships.