Friday, September 26, 2008

Jenny Hendershott Wins the 2008 Fitness Olympia!

In stunning fashion, Jenny Hendershott won her second Fitness Olympia title with her hard physique and amazing routine (for those who were able to see it live and those who were LUCKY to catch the show through the webcast...which I'll discuss AFTER the Olympia). Tracey Greenwood is inching closer and closer to that brass ring, as she took the runner-up spot with one rock hard body and incredbile routine. Kim Scheideler brought one rocking body as always, but moved a step BACK from her ultimate dream instead of forward, as she placed third. Julie Palmer was fourth with her powerful physique and routine. Tanji Johnson placed fifth, and was in great form despite this contest being her only contest this year. And Regiane DaSilva definitely earned the title of "Most Improved Fitness Competitor" as she placed sixth, a far cry from her 13th place finish last year.

Side note: My thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery go out to Julie Lohre. During the prejudging, she tore her ACL, which prevented her to compete for the finals. Hope you get better soon, girl!

Here were my earlier predictions:

  1. Kim Scheideler
  2. Jenny Hendershott
  3. Tracey Greenwood
  4. Julie Lohre
  5. Julie Palmer
  6. Erin Riley

And the actual top six:

  1. Jenny Hendershott
  2. Tracey Greenwood
  3. Kim Scheidler
  4. Julie Palmer
  5. Tanji Johnson
  6. Regiane DaSilva

Congrats to all the fitness competitors!!!


julie said...

Thanks for the report and Congrats to all of the Olympia women. What an incredible show. And to Jen Hen - you are indeed the woman. Congrats on a well deserved victory!

Thanks so much for the well wishes! I did indeed tear my ACL along with the MCL but will be back strong than ever next year. What is life without a little challenge??? Just makes you stronger and hungrier, right?!?

Julie Lohre : )

C-Ray said...

You're gonna come back better and ever, Julie. I just know it.

Thanks for the comment, and I hope your recovery is going well!!!