Friday, September 26, 2008

Iris Kyle retains her Ms. Olympia title!

If there's one thing that women's bodybuilding fans should know by now...never bet against Iris at the Olympia. I'll admit; going into this contest, I'd thought she was gonna lose her title, especially after this year's Arnold disaster. But like I said in the Ms. Olympia predictions, a good champion knows how to bounce back from defeat and adversity, and Iris did just that, as she captured her fourth Olympia title and keeping her dominace in the women's bodybuilding division in tact. Betty Adkins qualifed just two weeks ago, yet she found the combination to get the runner-up spot and has put the FBB division on notice. Current Ms. International Champion Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia placed third and Lisa Aukland placed fourth. Dayana Cadeau found herself in the same spot as current Fitness International Champion Kim Scheideler. After placing in the runner-up position for so long, she found herself BACK some spots, as she ended up with a fifth place finish. Rounding up the top six was Cathy LeFrancois, who had some cool pre-show shots on Siouxcountry's board. Shocker of the night for FBB was that Heather Armbrust, who many viewed to win this year's title before the Olympia began, didn't make top callouts nor the top six. We'll have to wait and see the results to see where she placed.

Here were my predictions for the show:

  1. Heather Armbrust
  2. Dayana Cadeau
  3. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
  4. Iris Kyle
  5. Betty Pariso
  6. Lisa Aukland

Here's the actual top six:

  1. Iris Kyle
  2. Betty Adkins
  3. Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia
  4. Lisa Aukland
  5. Dayana Cadeau
  6. Cathy LeFrancois

Congrats to the female bodybuilding competitors this year!


Dusty0 said...

Heather Armbrust, Not in the top two!! Are the judges blind, oh yes, I think so. She was the favorite for those in the know.
Next year's judges will have glasses.

C-Ray said...

Heather did say herself that she wasn't at her best. The next time she competes, that won't be the case.

But Iris just was heads and shoulders about the competition this time around. She came back from her Arnold catastrophe in a BIG way and proved why she is the champ.