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Trish Warren's Next Move?

2015 Fitness International. The last time Trish competed on stage. Things could be a-changing very soon.
Photo credit: Flex Online

To make a presence in the industry, one might have to change directions to achieve their ultimate goals. Camala Rodquriez-McClure switched from fitness to figure and would go on to win several titles, including the 2015 Figure International Championship. Juliana Malacarne went from figure to women’s physique and has dominated the division ever since, including winning 2 Olympia Women’s Physique showdowns and winning the first-ever Women’s Physique International back in 2015. Shanique Grant went from figure to women’s physique and in her first women’s physique show won it and is not qualified for the Olympia at 20 years old, one of the youngest to ever qualify for the event. 

Which brings me to this…is one of the biggest names in the fitness division finally making the leap to a different division that fits her body type and training more? I’m referring to one of FitGems Nation’s favorite competitors, Trish Warren. For anyone that has followed the industry for at least the past decade, Trish has been one of the top fitness competitors on the planet, competing on multiple Arnolds and Olympias. The last time she stepped on stage was in 2015 during the Arnold Sports Festival. On social media, she has all but confirmed that she’s taking her fitness journey to the next level. Looking at her social media, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what that next level is. I’ll give you a hint…Juliana Malacarne just happens to be the current queen of that division.

For the last few weeks, we have noticed some things about Trish that she’s not done before as much as she’s doing now. For one, she’s flexing quite a bit, and by quite a bit, I mean A LOT. At first I thought it was one of those “She’s embracing her physique a bit more. AWESOME!” kind of things…and there’s nothing wrong with that. Heck, in fact, I have no issue with that whatsoever. You put in the hard work in the gym and in your eating, it’s only right that you embrace your physique in any way you can. 
But then May 13th happened.

This might have been posted on a Friday the 13th, but there was nothing "bad luck" about this at all. This just seems...right to us!
Photo credit: Trish's Facebook

What's so special about May 13th, you ask? She posted the above photo on her social media accounts…and I made a comment about that she would be great for the women’s physique division despite being a fitness woman through and through, but it was just one guy’s opinion. She replied with the following: “I like your opinion!!! Stay tuned…” Right there, my heart skipped a beat and my mind kept say one word over and over again…”Game…changer”. Should Trish be switching divisions, this could be a big thing for not only Trish, but for the division itself. Don’t believe me?! Let me introduce to you Exhibit A: Trish Warren from 2009.

I’ve seen videos from the Arnold and Olympia from that year. I’ve seen photos from those shows. That look might not have been awarded so well (which made me sad), but I dare for you to show me how can you NOT be taken aback by that. Based off that look and the women’s physique rules today, she would be winning shows left and right.

Maybe Trish's best look (muscle-wise) to date. From the 2009 Fitness Olympia
Photo credit: Dan Ray (for RxMuscle)
Something else that has caught my attention: She is changed her training up a good bit. Her training (according to Trish herself) used to be light weights and high reps for conditioning in the fitness division. She is now doing heavier weight training (and I’m assuming lower reps, but I’m not entirely sure) which is something she hasn’t done. She has shown time and time again that Trish can develop quite the muscular physique and now with this change of training, except not just a (slightly) bigger Trish Warren than we’re used to, but a better Trish Warren as well. 

Let me make is abundantly clear…WE’RE not saying Trish is heading to women’s physique. We’re just saying that all signs seem to be leaning toward that based off her own words and photos. It's all but confirmed, but we will wait until she makes the official announcement herself. This post is just speculation based off her social media posting over the last few months. Whatever is next for this IFBB superstar, it looks like she could potentially be in the best shape in her entire career. We wish Trish best of luck in this upcoming chapter, as well as the entire Warren family (Branch and Faith Lea) in their endeavors!

Trish competing WITHOUT the heels? Stay tuned, ladies and gentlemen! :)
Photo credit: Flex Online

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