Monday, May 16, 2011

BrittanyBFit on FitGems Nation: Exercising on Vacation! :)

As announced, Brittany Beede, formerly WWE Diva Jamie Keyes, has joined FitGems Nation as a special guest blog contributor! Here is her first blog for the site: exercising while on vacation. ENJOY!!!

Summer is rapidly approaching and family vacations are being booked. Whether you are embarking on a flight to the sunny beaches of California, cruising to the islands, or planning a thrilling trip to Las Vegas your workouts can easily accompany you. You already live a healthy lifestyle, so why not continue it while you are away!?! Not only will this allow for extra energy throughout the trip, but it can be an easy way to set you up for success when making food choices later in the day. Just because you are on vacation doesn't mean your diet needs to be.

Being away from your routine can be challenging, but a vacation is a great time to try alternate activities. Use this time to do something different such as kayak, take a hike, go for a run on a mountain or barefoot in the sand, or find unique group fitness classes at a local gym. This is a great time to give your mind and body a break from your usual workout routine and allow you to explore a new area. You can also get your family involved and use this as time to create enjoyable, healthy, positive memories.

Make sure you leave for your vacation with a plan. Many decisions on a trip are spontaneous, but planning to workout can't be one of them. Pack with a purpose, bringing with you easy and convenient gym gear. Add workout attire along with resistance bands, a jump rope or even something as small as a deck of cards (see my new VACATION workout at Although it can be hard to find "me" time on a trip, it is much easier if you have your luggage packed with items that can make working out easy without even leaving your hotel room. Set your alarm and begin your day with a quick workout to jump-start your metabolism.

While a bit of rest and relaxation are always called for, there’s a fine line between taking a break and being lazy. Be the SEXY, STRONG, and UNSTOPPABLE person you are and find some way to stay healthy, happy, and in-shape even while enjoying your time away! Happy travels!:)

<3 Brittany Beede <3

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allison elaine said...

I love the ideas on trying something new and you definitely have to plan it out! Congrats on joining FitGems! :) looking forward to ur posts! Xo