Friday, May 13, 2011

Fit Mom Spotlight: Tracy Bodner

Photo credit: Muscular Development
Tracy Bodner, known by many as IslandGirl, is an NPC athlete originally from the Island of Oahu, meaning she's from Hawaii, now living in Colorado. She is of Japanese and Irish decent. Before she moved to Colorado, she began a nutrition nutrition consultant/personal training business with her husband Cameron. Time was taken off for a bit to enjoy married life and explore other things. They became judges during that time, and now they judge all over Colorado under the leadership and guidance of NPC Chairperson Jeff Taylor. They also reignited their nutrition/personal training business and named it Total Package, which they have a private forum for their clients.

As for Tracy herself, she has competed in bodybuilding and figure throughout her career. She first started to compete in bodybuilding, then figure sparked her interest. She went back and forth with bodybuilding and figure over the last couple of years. Tracy stays pretty lean nearly all year round. True story on one contest. She wasn't planning on competing in last year's Colorado States show, but two weeks prior to the show, she decided to do it for the heck of it. Guess what?! She would end up winning her class. Yes, her physique is that amazing. Problem is...during her bodybuilding days, she was a bit of the small site, and for today's figure, she's a bit on the vascular/conditioning side, which is a no-no. Enter women's physique, which looks like it's going to be tailor-made for Tracy. She will be competing at the Jr. USAs in less that 2 weeks in women's physique.

I won't give away her age, but she looks like she's half the age she really is. Her work ethic, dedication, and commitment are a testament to who she is. A real beauty inside and out, you can catch her on Siouxcountry a lot, as she's a moderator there. With everything she does and everything she represents, Tracy is definitely "fit mother" personified.

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