Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st-Ever FitGems FitMom Week to Begin on Mothers Day

For three years, FitGems has held a FitMom contest to honor the fit mothers of this industry. Not only are these women getting ready for competitions, but they are also balancing a family and a job in the process. Getting ready for a competition is hard work enough, but to do that AND get your children through school AND provide for their daily needs?! THAT takes dedication worthy of the highest caliber, IMHO.

With that being said, FitGems Nation has decided that we are going to dedicate the main site, blog, and fan page to fit moms everywhere beginning on Mothers Day and going all week long. Yes, fit moms, from this Sunday, May 8th until Saturday, May 14th, FitGems Nation will be honoring fit mothers from over the globe with a week dedicated to you. I'll be posting a story on at least two competitors each day, possibly more depending on time. In addition to that, there will be a roundtable post with fit mothers, partnering up with Jason Adams of Promoting Real Women. Depending on participation, there could be photos, videos, and stories from fit moms discussing balancing the stage with their lives at home, workout tips, advice, etc. To any and all fit mothers out there, if you would like to be part of FitGems FitMom Week 2011, please email me at

This is a celebration and dedication to all the fit mothers in this industry. Please help us make this a celebration to remember. Looking forward to hearing your ideas, and hope may of you participate in this celebration to fit mothers everywhere! :)

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