Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bikini off to a good start

Well...as you all know by now, our first ever IFBB bikini pros were crowned at the 2009 Jr. USAs this past weekend, and personally I think the IFBB did a pretty good job in choosing the first pros. I won't do a lot of blah-blah-blah on it.

(Shelsea Montes (purple bikini) and Stacey Oster (white bikini)

Let's start with the first pro crowned, Shelsea Montes. Shelsea won the Class A Bikini class and the first pro card for bikini. I didn't know much about her until "MusclePapa" John Hawley, the producer of
Siouxcountry Radio, posted some info on Miss Montes. Click here to view more on her. I don't know what the future lies for her, but calling her a future Ms. Bikini Olympia or Ms. Bikini International may not be out of the question. I mean, Davana Medina was the first-ever figure pro, and look what happened to her! :-) Next up is Stacey Oster, who won Bikini Class C and was runner-up in the overall bikini division. Stacey is one rough and tough customer considering that she will be the quarterback of the Denver Dream during the Lingerie Football League. I'll admit, she is kinda borderline figure/bikini to me, but hey...she looks fantastic, and if that's what figure is going with, then I have nothing to complain about.

With that being said...I thought things went well as far as how the Jr. USAs went in all divisions. not just bikini (BIG shout-out to
Siouxcountry for the awesome coverage of the event!). The bikini division has potential, as most of you agree based on last month's poll. I asked you out there: Do you have high hopes for the bikini division? 64% of you said yes, while the rest said no. I just hope the IFBB/NPC uses consistency and a little common sense when attempting to make this a good division, cause Lord knows there is a lack of both in other areas of this industry...but again, that's not for ME to discuss, that's for those actually involved in the industry. I'm just a fan/supporter of the industry, that's all.

Congrats to Shelsea and Stacey for making history. Best of luck to you in future competitions, ladies!

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