Monday, April 22, 2013

Interview with Tiffany Morgan

Tiffany Morgan, aka the Figuretron, is currently getting ready to compete in the Team Universe later on this summer. Tiffany talks to us about her background, whether she prefers weight training or cardio, and what fitness events she would like to see broadcast on TV. 

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FitGems Nation: First off, tell us a little bit about yourself.
Tiffany Morgan: My name is Tiffany Morgan my nickname in the league is Figuretron.

FitGems: How did you get involved in the fitness industry in the first place?
Tiffany: I started training to better my health and I had a friend that use to compete back in 2010 so i contacted her trainer  Reese Brown and he helped me prepare for the 2010 Southern Isles Competition in Savannah. I've been hooked ever since.

FitGems: What do you enjoy most about competing?
Tiffany: I love a challenge and competing definitely challenges me to improve and transform my physique. I'm a performer and love being on stage and I love being an athlete so competing as a figure athlete gives me the bet of both worlds.

FitGems: Which do you feel is your greatest strength when training: cardio or weight-training?
Tiffany: I HATE cardio Lol the less i have to do the better!I adore weight training I never get tired of it. I'd rather be at a weight bench than on a treadmill. I'm 12 weeks out from team Universe and thanks to my trainer Noel Fuller, I haven't done any cardio since September.

FitGems: What division do you compete in and what’s the best thing about competing in that division?
Tiffany: I'm a Figure competitor. My favorite part is flexing in six inch heels :)

(Editor's Note: Wait...what?! I thought flexing in a figure competition wasn't allowed. Am I thinking too much into it. Uhh..yeah, moving on. Sorry!)

FitGems: If it was up to you, what would be one thing you would want to add or take away from your division?
Tiffany: I wouldn't change a thing.If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

FitGems: With the rise of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc,), how important do you feel it is for competitors to participate in it?
Tiffany: It's vital as a public figure. Everything is viral and social media driven and it's the fastest way to communicate with fans and followers.

FitGems: Who (living or dead) do you look up to for inspiration, whether they are part of the fitness industry or not?
Tiffany: My dad because he continues to push and inspire me everyday. He was a basketball coach and served in the US Army for 20 years and he knows what it takes to be a true champion.

FitGems: If you were not competing or part of the fitness industry, what would you be doing now?
Tiffany: I cross train as a pole dancer and I would probably compete  there if i wasn't a figure competitor. It's harder than it looks and great for your upper body and core strength! Or I'd be a stand up comedian, I love making people laugh until they cry.

FitGems: What (if anything) would you change about the fitness industry?
Tiffany: I wish bodybuilding was televised on ESPN. The Olympia or the Arnold Classic would be awesome to watch on tv.

(Editor's Note: Not a lie was told.)

FitGems: After competition, what do you plan to do to give back to the industry?
Tiffany: I hope to become a promoter in the future. I want to give competitors the opportunity to showcase themselves onstage for years to come.

FitGems: Any closing words for your fans and supporters?
Tiffany: Thank you for constantly encouraging me and laughing at my corny jokes and posts!

FitGems: Again, thank you so much for doing this interview with us! For those that want to keep up on your future competitions and other plans, how can fans contact you? (Facebook fan page, Twitter, email, website, blog, other social media outlet, etc.) Also, if there's anything you want to plug in, you are more than welcome to do so.
Tiffany: I'm competing this year at the 2013 NPC team Universe Championship. I'm on Facebook as Tiffany Nicole

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