Saturday, April 24, 2010

Uhh...Jillian?! Babies DON'T ruin bodies...Just ask OUR ladies! :)

I was going through the news on Yahoo like I usually do, and I came upon an article about some controversial comments made by Jillian Michaels. For those that don't know who I'm talking about (if you have a TV, how could you not?!), she's known as TV's Toughest Trainer for NBC's The Biggest Loser. The thing that made it controversial was the fact that she didn't want children because of what it would do to her body. I won't quote what she said; I'll let you look at the link for yourself.

Uhh...I will never know how having a baby will affect your figure (I'm male, for those that don't know), but I can say from some of my fitness friends that childhood is NOT the end of your body. You CAN get your figure back. Heck, some seem to thrive better AFTER having a child. There's a lot of examples out there, here's a few that come to mind.

IFBB Figure Pro Christine Pomponio-Pate became pregnant with her first child in 2007, and gave birth to Riley sometime after Christmas that year. Nearly two months later, she lost all of her baby weight (and btw, she didn't have much to lose thanks to her eating habits and workout routine...during labor.) She has went on to do big things, and will go on to even bigger things, if you've all been paying attention to the recent FitGems posts on Christine.

Last year's FitGems FitMom winner, Niki DelGrosso, is a mother of TRIPLETS and is competing her heart out even to this day of one day achieving her pro card.

And don't even get me started on Tanya Merryman and Jennifer Gates. Both women have children and have worked hard to hold top honors in their organizations. Tanya became the first mother to win the Fitness America overall title, and Jennifer became the first mother to win an Olympia championship (from ANY division). Yeah, to me, I think this is one of those times that I think Jillian MIGHT have put her foot in her mouth. For those wondering, this is NOT a diss at her whatsoever, just my own personal take on the matter.

So, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree with what Jillian had to say? Sound off in the comments below.


Melissa Cunningham said...

OH WOW!!!!!
now not to say anything bad about jillian,bc i LOVE what she does,BUT having babies does not ruin your fact mine has only gotten better since!!!
i competed only 5 months after my 2nd baby was born,and as soon as i have this 3rd baby (due at the end of july or first part of august)i will be back on stage asap!!!
funny thing is is that i didnt turn PRO in figure in 2 different organizations until AFTER my first 2 children were born. and i am shooting for a 3rd pro card after the 3rd baby!!!!
so, i guess my opinion is perfectly clear:

Unknown said...

Whatever!!! I think I hear some fear and a lack of information!!!! Check out the "Mom's" in the contest this month!

I am a mother of twins! I had a 6 & 7 lb baby, AT THE SAME TIME!!!! AND, I am in better shape now then when I got pregnant. Yes, my body is changed, somewhat, but the enhanced drive and the increased dedication (some of which I attribute to my kids), is a hands-down "Good Trade"!!!

However, for the women who have this attitude, it is probably better for them NOT to have kids. Being a good mother comes with much (again, worthwhile), self-sacrifice. If you are not willing to give your body over for 10 months, I definitely don't think you're ready for a life-long commitment to that kid. And, of all things, Motherhood is THE most important endeavor I will ever take on, while on this Earth!!!