Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Phoenix Pro Female Bodybuilding Results (Yaxeni is Queen; Betty is Ageless; Zoa Makes a Statement)

Yaxeni Oriquen kicks off the 2010 female bodybuilding season on a high note with a win at the first-ever Phoenix Pro show and a major statement heading into the 2010 Arnold. She had it all: muscularity, detail, and charisma. As Yaxeni is a multiple Ms. International champion, expect her to take this win and build some momentum heading into Columbus in less than two weeks.

Betty Parsio, the ageless competitor, took the runner-up spot and also make a strong case for the Arnold. It seems like the older she gets, the better she gets. Fun fact by Jason Lan (Siouxcountry), both Yaxeni and Betty have combined to compete in over 70 pro shows!! That is absoultely insane!

While Yaxeni and Betty were very impressive, it was the person that took 3rd place that is getting a lot of praise, and it considered by many to becoming the next big thing in women's bodybuilding: Zoa Linsay. She won the 2009 North American Overall Women's Bodybuilding title and has been a favorite in Siouxcountry for quite some time. Many predicted big things from her after she won her pro card, due to not only being a talented competitor, but she's someone who deeply cares about the SPORT of women's bodybuilding. When she was not called for 5th or 4th place, Zoa was beaming, as she knew one thing without question: She was 2010 Olympia bound. As someone's who's a big fan of hers, she definitely deserved the honor of competing among the best in the world.

Jeannie Paparone and Dena Westerfield rounded out the top five, respectively at 4th and 5th place. Both ladies were great, but maybe needed a bit more mass to keep up the the top three. Colette Nelson placed 6th, Antoinette Thompson and Diana Stanback both tied for 7th, Gayle Moher was 9th, Akila Pervis was 10th, Myriam Bustamente was 11th, and Maria del Carmen Segura was dead last. From what I've heard and saw, Aklia was a tad too soft for her pro debut, and Maria carries a LOT of muscle on her, but unlike those such as Zoa, Heather Armbrust, and Iris Kyle (who carry a lot of muscle), her muscle doesn't flow, thus hurting her in the placings. If she can adjust it, then she could cause some serious damage in the pro circuit.

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1. Yaxeni Oriquen*
2. Betty Pariso*
3. Zoa Linsey*
4. Jeannie Paparone
5. Dena Westerfield
6. Colette Nelson
7. Antoinette Thompson - Tie
7. Diana Stanback - Tie
9. Gayle Moher
10. Akila Pervis
11. Myriam Bustamente
12. Maria del Carmen Segura

*-Qualified for 2010 Ms. Olympia

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