Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 FitGems Sponsorship Update (As of February 27)

As of today, there are 27 competitors in 2010 FitGems Sponsorship contest. You can view all the competitors here.

The sponsorship package has been updated, thanks to Matthias ($50) and Siouxcountry ($25). Over the last 24 hours, they donated 75 dollars to the fund. So now, the sponsorship consists of the following:

*A MINIMUM of $300 USD towards the contest of your choosing (money paid via PayPal)
*A entire page dedicated to the winner on both EFBBN and FitGems Nation
*Your own website (if you don't have one already) or MySpace/Blogger layout (if you have one) created by Kirk Ashley of Imageworks Jamacia

Don't forget, just for participating, each competitor in the sponsorship contest will have their own Yahoo fan group created by Eldor of EBBFN.

Time is running down. You have until this Sunday to enter the sponsorship contest or to contribute to the sponsorship.  Click here to learn how you can contribute to the sponsorship, or you can always contact me via email. Put on the subject line "SPONSORSHIP CONTRIBUTION"

The winner be chosen by a secret panel that will be chosen over the next few days. They will be checking to make sure each competitor is meeting the requirements and will chose who they feel is the one that deserves the sponsorship. No one will know who will be voting other than myself. To make this as fair as possible, I will have no say in the matter of who will win. The winner will be announced sometime during Arnold Weekend. Besides the winner herself,  the announcement will be made first via Twitter.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at Please put on the subject line "2010 SPONSORSHIP"

EDIT: The post was updated from yesterday due to Siouxcountry's donation this morning. Thanks Sioux!! :)

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