Monday, February 22, 2010

2010 Phoenix Pro Coverage Review Part 2 (Hardbody News Interactive Live Chat)

When Isaac Hinds announced that he was going to try this interactive chat via, I'd thought that this would be very cool. Very innovative. Turns out, I was more than right on the subject. I seriously think that this will go down as one of the top innovative moves for the female physique industry for this upcoming decade. It was that awesome.

They tested it out on their way to the hotel. It was Isaac, Ron, Bree, and Bree's good buddy, the eventual 2010 Phoenix Pro runner-up, Amy O'Neil. Isaac mentioned that it would be as PG as it could be. HA! PG my a..uhh..butt! :) There were a few "enthusiastic" words during the fun trip, not knowing where they were, missing turns, etc. If only they could see how hard I was laughing at a few of things they were doing and saying. Tears were literally coming down my face, and people were looking at me like "What is this fool laughing at?" The test drive was cool. :)

I missed the night portion, when Isaac interviewed Stryker and Oksana. But I did look as their recored footage and it went pretty good.

I wasn't sure if they had coverage before or after the event, but I was able to catch them during breakfast. The Hardbody News/ gang had protein pancakes, among other things. There's no way I could eat what they ate yesterday. No way at all. BTW, this was done via IPhone, which I thought was awesome. Wonder if that can be done via Blackberry...will have to look into that.

The last thing they did (that I was aware of) was a photoshoot with Amy. She looked AWESOME, and definitely showed why she deserved the Olympia qualification. It was neat to see an actual photoshoot take place. I think a pic or two MIGHT be on Hardbody News in a matter of days, but I'm not too sure.

It was great to interact with Issac, Ron, Bree, and Amy this weekend during the Phoenix Pro, and depending on things go this week, I will either a) join the live chat on my computer during the Arnold or b) will try and find my way to BE on the chat. It depends on how this week ends up. I won't say anything else on the matter.

I'll end this by saying, that I hope this will be something that goes down in many shows this year and beyond. This lets fans get to know the industry better. I enjoyed it when I was on there, and I believe in my heart that this could go down as one of the most innovative female physique promotional tools this industry has seen in quite some time.

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