Monday, August 3, 2009

July Poll Results and New Poll for August

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd let you know that the FitGems Nation site has gotten somewhat of an uplift, and will be redone a tad over the days ahead. Hope you enjoy the changes!

Also, thanks to everyone that voted on the July Poll of the Month. I asked last month Which form of publicity do you feel is the best in the female muscle industry? 58% of you said that it was the Internet, which in this day and age came as no surprise. 33% said magazines, and only 8% said television. OUCH!

Now...onto what may be my most nerve-hitting question yet: For this month, the poll of the month is...After seeing the NPC bikini contests so far, in terms of the entire package, do you see a real difference in bikini and figure?

This is a touchy subject on a few boards I'm a part of, so I'm interesting to hearing what you have to say about it. Let me make...this...point...clear: I've yet to see a show except for pictures, so that's all I can judge by. My words mean NOTHING on this subject!

In the span of a month, the Fitness AND Figure Olympia is looking to be more and more interesting by the day. I'll speak on the implications of these events sometime this week, as well as the relationships between the Internet and this sport that might just interest you.

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