Thursday, August 27, 2009

FitGems Q and A Live Chat Replay

IMHO, the first-ever FitGems Q and A Chat was a pretty good success. For over an hour, several things were discussed, including how I got involved with HDPhysiques, why I created FitGems in the first place, and even the thought of producing a magazine revolving FitGems! I've gotta admit, I haven't thought too much into that, but who knows? Maybe that will be a goal someday.

To replay the chat, check it out below:

It's not been confirmed yet, but the next chat is set to be on Labor Day (September 7) at noon, and it will be a special Olympia version. We'll talk about this year's Olympia, and possibly Olympias of the past as well. If things go right, there may be some special guests on here as well. I will keep you all posted as time progresses.

To everyone competing at the Houston Pro and North Americans this weekend...good luck!

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