Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Fitting Observations: Victoria Larvie and Ariel Khadr...Future of Fitness?

At the age of sixteen and seventeen, what are teenagers doing? Rebelling against their parents (and all forms of society) and lying to them, discovering new ways to get high and drunk without getting caught, getting the big head thinking that they know everything, and there isn't a damn thing anyone can tell them. Admit it, everyone reading this has done one or more of those things during their teenage years (Thank God I'm out of that stage). However, not all teenagers are bad people. There are some that set examples for those that are getting up there in age. In fact, two female teenagers might be the key to resurrecting the fitness division. I'm talking about Victoria Larvie and Ariel Khadr.

First, let talk about Victoria.

Victoria is only 17 years old, and she's has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. She started to compete nationally in 2004, when she was just becoming a teenager. Yes, she's still a teenager, but she has accomplished more than most competitors have that are twice her age. This past weekend, she cemented her name in the history books as she became the one of the youngest fitness pro EVER at the age of 17 to attain her pro card. And on top of that, she just graduated from high school!! She's also a Level 10 Gymnast, which is the toughest level to master right before elite status, which is Olympic material, folks. Clearly, the sky's the limit for this unbelievable superstar.

Victoria isn't the only youngster looking to bring fitness back into the spotlight. Ariel Khadr is definitely getting people's attention as of late.

As I was checking the winners of the Atlantic City this year, I was immediately drawn to Ariel. Little did I know that she's just SIXTEEN!!! She has great genetics for this sport, and her energy during her routines (from what I've heard) is off-the-charts, almost at the level of Jenny Hendershott (who happens to help her out with her routines). Whoever is her date at her senior prom next year is gonna be one lucky guy. Like Victoria, she's a Level 10 Gymnast, so she's capable of crazy stuff on stage. Expect her to make history on stage before she starts her freshman year at college.

With Victoria and Ariel showcasing talent with their routines and well-developed physiques on stage, all while studying for the next math exam, both ladies have what it take to one day join the ranks of Adela, Kim, Jenny, Tracy, Tanji, and other top IFBB fitness stars. These two future superstars are proof that fitness isn't going anywhere anytime soon. :)

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