Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fitting Observations-Trish Warren, the future of IFBB Fitness?!

Today, I'm introducing a new feature of the FitGems blog entitled "Fitting Observations". I pick a particular competitor or event and tell it like I see it. Need I remind you that these are JUST MY OPINIONS!!! Don't get your panties all in a bunch if I happen to say something that doesn't please you as much.

Okay...let's get this new blog feature rolling, shall we?! :-) For the first feature of this part of the blog, I observe Trish Warren (get your mind out of the gutter, pervs! I'm talking about her current career in the IFBB, thank you.)

Is is just me, or has everyone been getting B.M.F. these days? By that, I'm talking about Black Mamba fever. The Black Mamba is another name for one of the today's rising fitness pros, Trish Warren. If you think she looks familiar and went by another name, then you're right. A while back, she was Trish Mayberry. However, now she's happily married to top IFBB Bodybuilder and MAJOR threat to the Arnold and Olympia titles, Branch Warren. Yep, I guess you can say that the Warrens are the "It" couple in IFBB.

I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something about Trish that makes her...unique. Special. One to watch, even. She has the "it" factor. And when you have the "it" factor, you can only go one direction and that's up. Trish has been doing exactly that, and it's showing big time.

A top fitness competitor needs to have charisma, talent, strength, and, or course, an amazing physique that can handle the physical challenges of fitness, which is what makes fitness unique. Trish seems to posses all of that and more, and is being rightfully rewarded at last for having a great combination of charisma, talent, strength, and a killer physique with great muscularity, vascularity, and overall conditioning that's
perfect for fitness. Dare I say that she might be one of the best complete competitors out there today! I mean that 110%. All she needs is more showings like she had at her first Olympia last year (top ten in her debut) and her first Arnold this year (top ten in her debut) as well as the New York Pro (2008 and 2009-top three finishes), and Trish will be on her way to joining the IFBB fitness elite in no time. She may even be the one leading a new class of IFBB fitness elite in the near future, who knows?

So what's my prediction for the Black Mamba? She will place in the top six at the 2009 Olympia, win a fitness show in 2010 or 2011, and be in top contention for the Fitness International and Fitness Olympia title until her body says "I've had enough".

Be on the lookout for Mrs. Warren in the years ahead. You'll see her next competing at the 2009 Fitness Olympia. The Black Mamba is on the prowl, and she's hunting down IFBB immortality. IFBB Fitness, you've been put on notice. BEHOLD THE ALL-MIGHTY BLACK MAMBA!!!!


Leenie said...

I agree that she may have a bright future ahead of her, but she may need to work on her creativity. She performed the same routine at the Olympia and the Arnold. As a fan, I'd love to see something more!

C-Ray said...

Trish plans on bringing a new routine for the Olympia this year. It will be interesting what she brings to the table in her second Olympia appearance!! :-)