Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Europa(Money)mania is Running Wild!!!

Well...what do you do when you have tough competition, for example like the Europa Show of Champions this upcoming weekend? You give away cash, that's what! Well...at least that's what Issac Hinds and Sioux are doing. Both of them are holding contests where you will receive $100 for correctly guessing the winners and top placings in this weekend's huge contest.

Issac will be giving away $100 to anyone who can correctly guess the top five in figure IN CORRECT ORDER. Click here to learn more and to enter his contest.

Siouxcountry is doing the same thing, but you must correctly guess the top EIGHT in order. Click here to enter that contest.

Don't hold me to this, but I might just fork over $25 or so (via PayPal) to anyone who can guess who will get the Olympia quailfications for fitness or figure. If you correctly guess BOTH, I just might hand over 50 buck (via PayPal)...that's of course, if anyone dares to take up on this offer. Oh yeah, unlike the other two, I don't care if it's in order or not. :-)

There you go...if you have the luck of the Irish, are one hell of a guesser, or happen to see into the future and know EXACTLY what will go down on O-Town, I would take the opportunity to enter these contests. I mean, money is being given away just for guessing.

With that being said...GOOO...FREAKING...LUCK! AI YI YI!!

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