Monday, March 9, 2009

My 2009 Fitness International Review (Jen Hen is Queen Hen...A-Gain!)

Jenny Hendershott was on a personal do something she hasn't done since 2005: win the Fitness International. Wit her coming fresh off her 2008 Fitness Olympia victory, as well as Adela and Kim not competing, Jenny was the frontrunner to take it home. She did not disappoint, as she won this year's event with ease. Julie Palmer went on to finish at an all-time best, as she placed in the runner-up position. Tracey Greenwood, who was thought to be Jen Hen's biggest competition, ended up in third place. She was neck and neck with Jenny in terms of physique, but her routine might have been the difference maker for Tracey. Regaine proved that 2008 was no fluke, as she moved up from sixth place last year to fourth place this year, making her an even bigger contender for the Arnold and Olympia titles. Perhaps the biggest winner besides the champion herself would have to go to Tina Durkin, who finished fifth after having back surgery, which kept her out for the 2008 season. I saw the webcast and she was beside herself when she heard her name announced. For her, it was like winning the event. Rounding out the top six and the Olympia qualifications was Shannon Meteraud, who will be looking to return to the Fitness Olympia for the first time in quite some time.

Now, about the rest of the bunch...

I'm very quickly becoming a HUGE fan of The Black Mamba, Trish Warren. Her physique was amazing, and I enjoyed her routine a good deal. She could have easily been in the top six. Nicole Wilkins has a good fitness debut at the Arnold as well. Oksana had one unbelivable of my favorites of the entire show. I was surprised to see Tanji Johnson and Erin Riley placed out of the top ten, much less top six. One last thing...was it just me, or did Heidi Fletcher-Sullivan seemed just a tad
too soft this year? BTW, she ended up dead last. The Arnold is just not Heidi's contest, huh? Despite that, I still see her as a future elite star in fitness.

What are your thoughts about this year's Fitness International? Share your thoughts (good or bad), questions, concerns, and rants below.

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