Saturday, March 21, 2009

Help Bring Pro Women's Bodybuilding Back to Tampa

The economy has not been kind to the world as of late, and the world of muscle is no exception. The Tampa Pro Women's Bodybuilding show has been canceled for this year, leaving the number of women's bodybuilding shows to just 2 pro shows, if they want to qualify for the Olympia. That's it. As fans, supporters, and fellow competitors, we've got to unite as one and show the people that we care.

Siouxcountry has
once again showed why they are true innovators of female muscle support by starting a fund for the show's promoter, Tim Gardner. He needs $12,000 by December to bring back women's pro bodybuilding to Tampa 2010. As of this writing, Siouxcountry members have donated $1850 to the fund. Yours truly will be donating to the cause over the year as well. Click on the donate button below to donate to the cause and help keep women's bodybuilding alive in not only Tampa but the entire industry as well.

This same button will also be on the blog for the remainer of the year as well as the FitGems Nation website.

If you would rather donate to Tim himself, go to

Let's help a fellow member out and give what we can. Thanks in advance, everyone!

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