Thursday, August 21, 2008

2008 Fitness Olympia Predictions

Well…it’s time for the biggest show of the year…the Olympia! Man, time goes by so fast. I don’t know the outcome of the Wrestlemania, Super Bowl, World Cup, Stanley know what I mean; the biggest show for fans and competitors of muscle, but I do know this: the landscape could change completely in one weekend. I’ll start with the fitness side of the Olympia.

Due to Adela’s surgery with her knee earlier this summer, unfortunately she will not be able to defend her title this year, meaning a new champion will be crowned in Vegas. Based on their placings and performances this year, here are the ladies that I think will be in the top six for fitness (Side note: best of luck in your recovery, chica! You’re in the prayers of many!) :

Kim Scheideler

She’s on everyone’s top six list, and after proving the critics wrong and successfully defending her Fitness International title in March, who wouldn’t have her as a frontrunner for the biggest prize in fitness? Her routines are always top-notch, and her physique by many has been called the best in fitness today. For the last three years, she has placed second at the Fitness Olympia. If she plays her cards right and brings the physique and routines many fitness fans have come to know and love, she could very well be on her way to her very first Olympia title.

Jenny Hendershott

Much like Adela and Kim, Jenny is fitness personified. She has probably the most entertaining routines of any fitness competitor out there. Her physique has also been on key with her routines. She has tasted Olympia glory before as she won the contest back in 2005. Of course, she would love to be Fitness Olympia champion once again. It’s gonna be hard to stop Jenny when she gets going.

Julie Lohre

First Palmer, then Shipley-Childs, now Lohre. It’s seems like being a Julie in fitness does wonders to a career. All three of these ladies have placed in the top five at either the Arnold or Olympia at some point in their career, and all three of them hold some pro fitness championship. Julie has some creative routines as well as some crazy abs that are part of her overall physique. She made an impressive Olympia debut last year, and the way things are going for her, things are only gonna get better for this competitor.

Julie Palmer

She’s got a rock-hard physique and great stage presence with her routines, which were a key factor in placing third at the Fitness International last year, her highest placing to date at either the Arnold or Olympia. With Adela out, this could be the perfect opportunity for Palmer to step up to the plate and show the world that she’s belongs in the elite with Adela, Kim, and Jenny.

Tracey Greenwood

What can I say? This woman’s beyond incredible in more ways then one. Her routines are phenomenal. And her muscles…ohh…I’m gonna ask this in the most nicest of ways: Was she a bodybuilder in her past life? I mean, her muscularity and vascularity rival lightweight bodybuilders with ease. This year, she’s been on a roll winning the Houston Pro and the Europa shows, as well as placing in the top five at the Arnold. While all the focus will be on Jenny and Kim, don’t be surprised if Tracey finds the right combination of muscle and athleticism to shock the world and immortalizes her legacy forever on the grandest stage of them all.

Erin Riley

Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you the winner for Breakout Fitness Star of 2008…if this was up to me. Her routines have blown people away as of late. And as far as her physique is concerned, she could give Kim and Tracey a run for their money. Joe from HD Physiques said that Erin has the hottest, most perfect, fitness physique he’s ever seen. And with so many great bodies in fitness, that’s quite the complement! Needless to say that Erin’s got a lot to gain at the Olympia. Look for her to establish herself as a major fitness player at this year’s extravaganza; mark my words.

WILDCARD: Heidi Fletcher

I’m choosing Heidi as my wildcard mainly because she has come out of her own as a fitness competitor. Her routines have always been crowd-pleasers. What has kept her from being in the ranks with Kim, Jenny, and Adela in the eyes of the judges and experts has been her physique. In 2007, she took her body to a whole different level. In many people’s eyes, if there was an award for Most Improved Pro Fitness Physique, she would have won it hands down. Apparently she has used 2008 to perfect her physique to go along with her entertaining routines, as she won her very first pro contest this year (2008 New York Pro). I see Heidi turning heads once again, and hopefully see her move up in the rankings at this year’s Olympia.

Next up: My predictions for the Figure Olympia

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