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What Monica Means to the Fitness Industry...In Their Own Words (As Well as Ours)

Here are some of what you wrote to FitGems about Monica Brant, who went out on top winning the 2013 WBFF Pro Figure title in Las Vegas:

Photo from WBFF Facebook fan page

(Comments have been edited for clarity)

Trish Barchuk: Monica is one of my favorite athletes. (She) has inspired me to stay in the sport. (I) have attended two of her FEM camps and had a great time at both.

Christina Carcamo: I was one of Jan Tana's top tan artists. I was backstage fixing her suit and glazing her before stage at her last Arnold. She is truly a classy and admirable woman and athlete.

Viko Newman (Fitcrazy): She's one of my Favs!!!

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RH of Norway: I just want to say that I have been a huge fan of Monica Brant for 18 years. When I saw a picture of her for the first time, back in 1995, I just couldn't believe what I saw. She was the most beautiful, gorgeous and sexy woman I had ever seen. Her muscular body, and perfect female curves, really took the breath out of me. I thought to myself that this woman will become a huge star within fitness...and my prediction came true. As every Monica-fan know, she has become a living legend.

As the time went by, I followed her career closely, and watched many interviews of her. From the interviews I noticed that she wasn't only a woman to admire physically...she also had the most incredible and glowing personality, so charming, nice and down-to-earth. Her beautiful smile and eyes were sooo captivating. 

Monica has made a huge impact in my life, and has inspired me so much when it comes to how I have lived my life. Her healthy and fit lifestyle have inspired people all over the world. She's the kind of woman most girls want to be like, and most men see as their dream woman.

13 years ago I thought to myself that she deserved to have a website, where fans could show their appreciation and support to her, so I made a Tribute Site to Monica on the internet:

To all fans of Monica: Feel free to visit my Tribute Site, and leave a message for Monica to read, in my guestbook!

Since I saw a photo of her for the first time, I have never seen any woman being even close to having such a perfect body, looks and personality as she has. In my eyes Monica Brant is a true Goddess, and I worship her more than words can describe.

If you read this Monica: You still look as beautiful, stunning and breathtaking, as you always have! You will always be my number one!

Rod McConnell (Vice President of MidWestern Fitness): We have gotten to know Monica over the last year, and although it has been a short period of time, I can honestly say she should give lessons on how to be a professional.  She not only is one of the best fitness competitors to ever get on the stage, she is an even better person.

I have been in the industry for some years now, and have followed bodybuilding my entire adult life.  I can honestly say, not one person, or athlete I have ever dealt with has the standing in my book as Monica does.  She's motivational, inspiring, friendly, knowledgeable, fun and extremely professional.  I can't imagine knowing her for the short time I have, how much more impressed I will be after years of her friendship.  I'm taking a little leap calling her a friend, because of our short time knowing each other, but it's such a honor to be classed as a friend, I can't help myself.  Congrats Monica on all success, well deserved!! 

I can go on and on and on about how much Monica means to the industry, but I think it's obvious to so many people that she is more than just a competitor, more than just a champion. She represents what the fitness industry should be all about. She will be greatly missed on stage by so many, but her fitness journey is far from over as she will be transitioning into track and field full-time. This isn't "Good-Bye", just simply "Thank You" and "Good luck in your new adventures!"

Thanks for everything, Monica!!!! :)
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