Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Celebrate "Monica Brant Week" Next Week on FitGems Nation!

This time of the year is always big, as we are closer and closer to the Olympia, the biggest show of the year for this sport. This year, in addition to what is looking to be one of the most competitive Olympias in years, a legend steps on stage for the final time on a show that's widely gaining a lot of popularity. On August 23-24, the WBFF (World Beauty Fitness & Fashion) Finals will take place in Las Vegas, and Monica Brant, who many look at as arguably the top physique competitor of all time, will step on stage for the final time in her illustrious career.

Monica Brant in 2010 WBFF Worlds. 

In honor of her swan song and her career, FitGems Nation is proud to announce that we will be dedicating all of next week to Monica Brant, beginning on Monday and ending on Saturday. Photos, videos, and testimonials from fellow competitors and fans will be posted throughout the entire FitGems network (our main website, Facebook, Twitter, possibly Youtube and even the revamped MySpace). If you have any photos or videos of Monica that you would like to share with us, or if you have any words that you like to share about your experience with competing with Monica or want to talk about how she has influenced you as a person, please email us at admin@fitgemsnation.net, placing Monica Brant Week in the subject line. Also, for those using Facebook and Twitter, we will be using the hashtag #MonicaBrantWeek , and we encourage you to use this all week long next week if you can.

Hope you join us in celebrating the career of one of the best competitors to ever step on stage!

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